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KOBELCO Construction Machinery U.S.A. Inc. was founded on July 2, 2001 and has sales and service operations in North, Central and South America. The company produces excavators in the 3,000 to 245,000 pound classes in the following models: zero tail swing, compact, standard, long-reach, mass excavation, and demolition.

The company is dedicated to helping customers and other dealers find the specific parts they need, and the staff is highly knowledgeable on all equipment offered by KOBELCO. All customers have access to the KOBELCO Premium Protection Plan Warranty (KPPP) in which members receive access to the Nationwide Dealer Network and repairs performed by any KOBELCO Construction Machinery Dealer. The KPPP also offers its members Full KOMEXS telematics (GPS) access, zero deductibles, the industry’s most comprehensive component coverage, and many other features.

KOBELCO creates quality construction equipment and actively produces new machinery and enhanced technology. With cutting-edge noise and dust reduction systems and advanced hydraulic circuitry to reduce pressure loss and increase fuel efficiency, KOBELCO provides high-caliber performance and efficiency for all of their products.