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Interstate Trailers have been in the business for over 30 years and have over 275 nation-wide dealers. The company builds their trailers with excellent durability and efficiency and offers many different options to create customized products. Interstate Trailers specializes in the following models: tag-along, tiltbed, goosenecks and lowboys.

There are five series of tag-along trailers including RBS, BST, BST/S, DT/DTA, and DLA. RBS trailers have an 83” load width and have the capacity to carry six to nine tons of material. BST have 12” manrails, oak decking, and can carry six to nine tons. Capacities for BST/S range from six to ten tons and are directional machines. DT/DTA models can carry nine to twelve tons and have hutch 9700 suspensions and 6” I-beam crossmembers. DLA series consist of 20 ton two axle and 5 ton three axle versions.

Tiltbed trailers are categorized into four different series including TST, TDT/TDA, APC, and TDL. TST series are smaller than the standard trailers and can carry loads from five to eight tons. TDT/TDA trailers can carry ten to twelve tons. The APC series is designed for the paving contractor and has low incline tamps and roller decks. TDL trailers can carry between fifteen and twenty-five tons and include dual tilt cylinders, standard 4’ stationary decks, and optional bed locks.

There are three different types of goosenecks and lowboys. LBG/PRC series are fixed neck lowboys and have a capacity between thirty-five and fifty tons, and full width gentle slope necks and extended air or hydraulic ramps can be added for customization. PHT models can carry thirty-five to fifty tons and include a 12K winch, 14 degree load angle air ride suspension and 35″ loaded deck height. SGDN trailers have a thirty-five to fifty ton capacity 35 to 60 ton and contain 4 beam constructions, apitong decking and air ride suspension.