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Construction season never really stops and our heavy equipment rarely gets to take a breather. We get to go home, rest, shower, sleep, and do leisurely activities all in the name of keeping our bodies and minds sound enough to keep the jobs going that need to get done.

Your construction equipment, believe it or not, needs to take time to heal, too. However, being large, inanimate metal constructs, it's impossible for them to schedule repair services and maintenance on their own. Sure, your equipment is built to withstand the conditions that come with the territory of heavy duty construction jobs, but it's an investment you've made that needs to last as long as possible. Why should you stay on top of heavy equipment maintenance? It'll save your time and money while protecting your workers.

Operational safety

You like to keep your employees safe, right? Because they like to stay safe. Drivers and construction workers alike prefer to keep their schedules opposite because of safety, leaving 80% of people on the road wanting road work to be done at night and the workers are glad to do so. External factors aren't as controllable as internal ones. Your machinery, if infrequently maintained, can result in serious injury to operators and others on a work site.

When you have equipment for sale

Having equipment for sale is a fact of the construction equipment life cycle. Nothing lasts forever, but if you stay vigilant in maintaining your machinery when the time comes to sell it, you'll be able to get a better return on your investment. In fact, neglecting proper maintenance sometimes sees equipment become defunct and unable to sell, period. Stay on top of it and you won't have to scrap something that could be sold.

Covering your bases

Between several machine operators and the companies that hold the warranties on your equipment, keeping regular maintenance in the forefront will help in the case of liability claims. This helps you hold your operators accountable for misuses, as well as being able to make undisputable warranty claims should your machinery malfunction.

A lot can go wrong on a job site, but you can avoid the hassle of expensive breakdowns by treating your equipment like you treat yourself at the end of the day. It'll be worth the time invested in the end. Just because the equipment is built tough doesn't mean it doesn't need a little TLC in the shop.

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