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Construction sites require a range of different equipment and attachments to perform job specific tasks. Some machinery is specialized and other have a range of functions, each putting work in toward the objective.

It's no surprise that a common need on sites is the ability to move heavy objects and put them in tough to reach places. It's not specialized, but one of the most useful and popular machines for reaching great heights and being a general workhorse for 7.8 million construction workers in the United States industry is the telehandler.

Telehandler rental is a good call because per job, your lifting and moving needs are going to vary. A good deal of money and time stand to be saved when taking the rental route. When you're renting, here's what you should think about before you pick.

  1. What: Before you do anything, knowing what you're planning to lift and transport is vital to choosing the correct machine. Being sure your telehandler rental can physically bear the size and weight of your needs requires a look at the machine's specifications concerning load limitations.

  2. Where: Construction sites are strange places, filled with numerous obstacles that aren't common in the regular world of vehicle maneuvering. It doesn't matter if your telehandler rental can hold the earth on its shoulders, if it can't move around obstacles on your job site, it's entirely useless. Make sure it's the right size to efficiently manage the terrain and obstacles on your site.

  3. Training: In previous posts we've talked about the dangers of heavy construction machinery and telehandler rentals are no exception. Rental companies often have options to provide training for using the equipment being rented. Training for equipment use minimizes risk to your operators and the equipment itself. It's worth taking advantage of and will minimize the on-site learning curve


When you're renting any equipment, the machines will only be as good as the questions you ask. We've seen many cases of people renting the wrong equipment from other heavy machine dealers that began with failing to ask the appropriate questions,  We're here to help, and guide you in the right direction to avoid "getting the wrong machine". A construction site is never particularly easy, but having the right equipment can alleviate some of the potential backaches.

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