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  • January 8, 2018
  • Grand Equipment

Did you know that estimates place the global construction equipment market at approximately $145.5 billion in value? The United States alone has 7.8 million construction industry production workers. This doesn't even include derivatives like the equipment transportation services industry or heavy equipment rentals. All told, construction is one of the worlds largest physical industries.

Since many of the machines and vehicles that are most integral to constructing new infrastructure are not able to be used on public roads, there is a market for equipment transportation. This market must be large enough to accommodate the high volume of construction projects across the nation and the globe. Luckily, there is some excellent transportation equipment that helps accomplish this task. One of the most important methods of transportation is a specific type of trailer.

Lowboy Trailers

These trailers are widely used to transport heavy machinery to and from different construction sites. This is because the bed of the trailer sits below the wheels which provide many different benefits.

Stability matters. Since the construction equipment is incredibly heavy, putting it on a regular trailer could cause an imbalance. Having a low center of gravity keeps the trailer fully planted on the ground for the long haul.

Height matters. Most other trailer types will run into trouble towing construction equipment. Lowboy trailers are the only way to carry heavy equipment over 12 feet tall for long distances. This is because many roads have height restrictions due to low overpasses and bridges.  

Risk matters.  If you've ever seen a car carrier on the road you probably wondered how they don't fall down more often. Due to the two above benefits, you won't get the same feeling of impending doom when passing lowboy trailers as you do with car carriers. This is because they are stable due to construction vehicles sitting below the wheels, being essentially sandwiched by the wheels so both falling forward and backward is all but impossible.  a construction vehicle fell out of a lowboy (which is exceedingly rare), it would be far less catastrophic than other trailers.

If you need construction transportation equipment, a lowboy trailer is one of the best choices available. The construction industry is thriving and necessary to the functioning of our global society. If you're in the market for a lowboy or tag-along trailer we're here to assist.


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