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When you think of construction sites, it's easy to visualize pieces of heavy equipment like excavators, telehandlers, and cement mixers. But the one piece of equipment many construction companies can nont do without is a hydraulic dump truck.

You might think a trailer can do everything a hydraulic dump truck can do, but you'd be wrong. Let's take a look at three key advantages that dump trucks have to offer construction companies of all sizes.

The Truck Bed

A trailer may allow you to dispose of all the debris and other garbage on your construction site, but getting it off-site can be a hassle and a half. Instead, a dump truck bed offers all of the convenience of a large disposal container with the added bonus of mobility. A dump truck can haul all kinds of debris from one point to another in its bed. And what's more is that the bed's hydraulic lift technology allows for easy disposal when a truck bed is full.

The Design Options

One of the best features dump trucks have to offer is their diversity. Smaller trucks typically follow a standard dump truck design, but larger trucks offer a wider range of dumping options and joint additions. For projects that need a little bit of flexibility or a specialized piece of equipment for tough terrain, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the most common types of hydraulic dump trucks out there include:

  1. Transfer dump trucks
  2. Side dump trucks
  3. Superdump truck
  4. Semi trailer end dump trucks
  5. Semi trailer bottom dump trucks

The Machinery

Of course, the most significant feature of a dump truck is its hydraulics. This technology allows the truck bed to actually dump what it was carrying from point to point. Not only do these hydraulic systems allow the trucks to efficiently dump, they keep other mechanisms close together while allowing a truck bed to tilt at extreme angles. Essentially, they ensure for maximum efficiency while disposing of debris.

As of 2010, an estimated 8.7 million U.S. citizens worked in the construction industry. Just as that number has grown over the years, so has the use of dump trucks. Next time you think about using a simple trailer for your construction debris, keep these three key dump truck advantages in mind.

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