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There are plenty of different kinds of heavy equipment that is crucial for getting work done. From wheel loaders to hydraulic dump mixers, Grand Equipment has some of the best quality and selection for this type of equipment to buy or rent. One of the most popular and important tools for reaching high places and getting work done for the estimated 7.8 million production workers in the United States construction industry are telehandlers.

Whether you work in construction equipment maintenance, heavy equipment parts, or one of the various professions that utilize telehandlers, telescopic handlers or teleporters, on a regular basis there are many scenarios in which these machines can come in handy. Currently, the global construction equipment market is estimated to be over $145.5 billion and while telehandlers make up only a very small portion of this pie, they're an important piece of heavy equipment nonetheless.

Here are three important benefits to using telehandlers on the job and in the workplace.

  1. Safety: When it comes to telehandlers first and foremost is, of course, safety. Safety is a critical component of any workplace, but when you're dealing with heavy machinery and construction equipment it can rise to an even more serious level. A telehandler can make many different types of jobs safer, but safety doesn't stop there. Approximately 35% of on-the-job injuries are caused by machine accidents each year, as well as 14% of work-related deaths.
  2. Ease & Convenience: A telehandler is typically used to make a job easier. Instead of forcing a worker to climb to the top of something, you can use a telehandler to do the job. One profession where this can be found quite commonly is among roofing companies and people who work heavy loads. Instead of having to climb and carry individual shingles to the top of every roof they can often times use a telehandler to reach and place the shingles on the top of the roof instead.
  3. Reaching Otherwise Impossible Locations: Of course, often times it's not just about convenience. The true value of a telehandler is in the ability to reach otherwise impossible areas, like the roofing example, or even the top of buildings, power lines, and anything else that might be out of reach otherwise.

The heavy machinery industry is filled with various types of equipment that can make a job significantly easier, safer, and more cost effective. Telehandlers are just one example.



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