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Construction jobs are an essential part of the world's infrastructure. These jobs rely on quality construction equipment in order to successfully and efficiently complete these projects. In the U.S. alone, there are currently 7.8 million construction industry workers. Globally, the construction equipment market is estimated to be worth roughly $145.5 billion.

Because these jobs rely on such important pieces of equipment, it's essential that companies are aware of what types of tools and equipment work best.

SkyTrak Telehandlers is the number one selling brand in North America. Whether you need preowned equipment or brand new, SkyTrak can provide with you the necessary tools to accomplish any major construction job. From improved boom function speeds, to a single joystick for greater multifunction capability and, other heavy equipment parts, tackle any construction task with SkyTrak's quality equipment.

According to Total Landscape Care, SkyTrak even made the list of EquipmentWatch 2017 winners of the Highest Retained Value Award.

EquipmentWatch is a heavy equipment database that offers intelligence on the various aspects involved with construction tools, valuation, operation, sales, and disposal.

"For purchasers of equipment, there is perhaps no single measurement more influential in the buying decision process," said Garrett Schemmel, vice president of EquipmentWatch. "The residual value of an asset will have a significant impact on leasing terms and lifetime ownership costs. Informed buyers do well to weight value retention heavily when considering equipment acquisition.

SkyTrak, along with four other telehandlers and other equipment series continued to be recognized for the second year in a row.

"The Highest Retained Value Award is indicative of excellence across a manufacturing organization," Schemmel added. "Product quality has the most obvious impact on an asset's performance on the secondary market, but residual values are also highly impacted by brand affinity and fair original pricing. A manufacturer must excel on all three fronts to gain recognition as a Highest Retained Value Award winner."

SkyTrak has shown time and again why its telehandlers and other equipment items are great for various large-scale construction projects. If you want to learn more about SkyTrak or any other brand of construction tools, contact Grand Equipment today.

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