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Every year, approximately 14% of work-related deaths and 35% of work-related injuries are caused by accidents involving machines. In order to ensure the safety of your workers and the safety of your equipment, routine construction equipment maintenance is essential. While working with construction equipment rental services can help you avoid some of the costs that come with routine maintenance, everyone who works with this equipment has a re . . .

When it comes to construction equipment use, there are many ways to use the machinery found at the average construction site. However, one of the most popular and important tools for reaching high places and getting work done are telehandlers, some of the most common equipment used by the estimated 7.8 million construction workers in the U.S. construction industry. Despite the popularity and necessity of these pieces of machinery, there are still plenty of people who misuse them.
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  • May 31, 2017
  • Grand Equipment

In the world of construction, the excavator is king. This heavy equipment is used for landscaping, demolitions, river dredging, and even open site mining.

But whether you are looking for an excavator for sale or you prefer rentals, it can be hard to decide which type is the right one for your job.

We’ve compiled a list of a few of the most common types of excavators and their common applications.
  Types of Excavators   . . .

Operating construction equipment can be dangerous, that's a given. They're large, heavy, and powerful, but also deadly if the right safety conditions aren't met and the right procedures aren't followed. 35% of on-the-job injuries are caused by machine accidents each year, as well as 14% of work-related deaths.

That makes it imperative that you follow proper safety procedures and keep all bystanders in mind while operating the equipment. Here are some tips for op . . .

Construction is no easy job. It often requires you to find yourself in truly outrageous and harrowing places. One of the most common spaces to find yourself is way high up in the air. Construction workers require certain types of special equipment to get them to reach this, often times, incredible height. Below are four of the most commonly used construction lifts used to reach high places. Bucket Trucks
More commonly known as cherry-pickers, these l . . .