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The U.S. construction market is one of the largest industries in the world. If you’re planning on breaking into this industry at any point in the future, it’s important that you are aware of some of the most used pieces of equipment.

Below, you'll find some heavy construction equipment that is essential for just about any major job. Lowboy Trailers
The first lowboy trailer was invented back in the 1920s and featured solid rubber tir . . .

The global construction equipment market is estimated to be worth approximately $145.5 billion, and in the U.S. alone there are around 7.8 million construction industry production workers. This means that the demand for construction equipment is higher than ever. But before you purchase any piece of used construction equipment, you need to know the pros and cons that come with a permanent sale over a temporary rental agreement.

If you're trying to save money by purchasing p . . .

The U.S. is the second largest construction market in the world, representing around 10% of the total market share. But to keep all of that construction equipment functioning properly, it needs to be properly cared for -- otherwise, you might be forced to seek out repairs or look at heavy equipment for sale before you know it. Excavators, in particular, need to be kept in tip-top condition so they can function when you need them most. Below, we'll take a look at just a few of the ways you . . .

Working in the construction industry can place a lot of stress on managers and supervisors. There are so many things that need to be considered that directly impact both the success of the overall business and the safety of each employee onsite.

Here are a few essential things that you should consider to make your business run smoothly and keep everyone safe.
  Purchase quality heavy equipment
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When it comes to buying construction equipment, many people don't know what to expect and end up making critical errors that cost them time, money, and other resources. The global construction equipment market is estimated to be sized at more than $145.5 billion, but having good quality equipment is the key to operating any successful construction business. Here are some essential mistakes to avoid when buying construction equipment.
  Mistake: Not Co . . .