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According to the National Association of Home Builders, approximately 8.7 million Americans worked in some form of construction in 2010. However, not all of them can say that they have experience inspecting used heavy equipment.

Despite that, it's important to be familiar with all kinds of heavy equipment if you work in construction. Buying used equipment can be tricky, especially if you see a mini excavator for sale. Here are the specific things you should be checking befo . . .

The market for used heavy equipment has been booming in recent years. While you might think searching for quality used construction equipment for sale would be easy, there are a lot of areas where mistakes are made. Whether you're looking for excavators, cranes, wheel loaders or telehandlers here are a few mistakes you should take care to avoid during your search for pre-owned construction equipment for sale. Keep in mind that failing to procure the right machine for the job can . . .

When purchasing new or used construction equipment, inspecting and sourcing is only the first step. The second, and often harder step, is transporting the heavy equipment from the place of purchase to the construction site or yard. There are several challenges that can arise when transporting heavy equipment.

In addition to selling high-quality construction equipment, Grand Equipment also offers heavy equipment transportation services in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. B . . .

It may only be the beginning of fall, but if you like the show Game of Thrones, then you're definitely familiar with the phrase "Winter is coming." However unfortunate that might be, it's true, and it's time to start thinking about preparing your heavy equipment for the oncoming season.

If you're at a loss as to how you can prepare your lifts, loaders, and lowboy trailers for winter, don't worry -- we have a few helpful tips to get you sta . . .

The global construction equipment market is valued at approximately $145.5 billion, that is comprised of new and used equipment.  If you’re currently in market or will be soon for a new piece of construction equipment, you might be faced with the decision of purchasing a used machine.

Several items raise immediate red flags during an initial inspection that might indicate a used piece of construction equipment has been used harder than others.  If at first glanc . . .