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In construction, every manner of equipment has a specific use. Many pieces have their use right in the name: for instance, mixers mix things. These are usually the headliners on the construction site. Less attention is generally paid to the other pieces of equipment that make them work; support equipment.

The construction equipment market is huge, boasting a value of $145.5 billion as of 2015. Where an excavator . . .

It may come as a shock to you, but accurately predicting the many costs of a construction project is incredibly difficult. The myriad of moving parts involved in getting a building to stand up and not fall down is so variable per project that many of them see budgets being misappropriated. The construction industry is a financial whale, too. Since 2016, the growth in the industry has been set to increase 6% to be valued at a whop . . .

With a market share of around 10%, the United States is currently the second largest construction market in the entire world. According to a new Global Construction report, the volume of construction output will increase by 85% to an incredible $15.5 trillion. Alongside the U.S. will be China and India, the other largest markets, and these three countries will make up for roughly 57% of global construction growth.

The global study is the fourth in a series of worldwide market r . . .

Our company offers new and used construction equipment for sale in Michigan, and as a result it's our job to become intimately familiar with the various heavy equipment manufacturers of the world. Compared to most other industries, it's a relatively small world with a handful of big players. In fact, the top 50 construction machinery manufacturing companies combined account for about 90% of the industry's revenue. However, there are new players in the industry.

Case . . .

Construction sites require a range of different equipment and attachments to perform job specific tasks. Some machinery is specialized and other have a range of functions, each putting work in toward the objective.

It's no surprise that a common need on sites is the ability to move heavy objects and put them in tough to reach places. It's not specialized, but one of the most useful and popular machines for reaching great heights and being a general workhorse for 7.8 mil . . .